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  • Goo Gone BBQ Grill Cleaner

    Goo Gone BBQ Grill Cleaner

    The barbecue grills get a work-out this time of year... And so do we, when it comes to cleaning them! But Goo Gone claims to make it easy, if you use their BBQ Grill Cleaner.
  • The Whizzers Cordless Power Scissors -- Take Two

    The Whizzers Cordless Power Scissors -- Take Two

    If all you want to cut is paper, the Whizzer may be fine, but you'll be disappointed in its performance on any other material.
  • Guardian Anti-Bark Collar

    Guardian Anti-Bark Collar

    The design is sound, but practical application falls far short, when our test dog just keeps on barkin'.
  • Great Outdoors -- Snake Away

    Great Outdoors -- Snake Away

    Amy has mixed-to-no success with this granular snake repellent.
  • Handy Chef Kitchen Utensil

    Handy Chef Kitchen Utensil

    The Handy Chef claims to be six utensils rolled into one, but Amy finds one grade fits all.
  • Easy Off Microwave Wipes

    Easy Off Microwave Wipes

    They're not very expensive -- 55-cents per wipe -- but Amy says they're not particularly effective in cleaning baked-on food either.
  • updated: 2/26/2003

    Super Steamer

    Super Steamer

    Euro Pro Super Steamer makes big promises, but in Amy's estimation, doesn't come close to making the grade.
  • updated: 6/27/2001

    Aerator Sandals

    They claim to make your green grass grow, but will they just poke holes in your budget?
  • updated: 6/14/2001

    Power Paste

    Power Paste promises to make many of those tasks quick and painless, and it sounds so simple, but does it work?
  • updated: 5/31/2001

    Pit Stop

    "Pit Stop" makes big promises, but doesn't deliver (at least not for us, this time).
  • updated: 5/17/2001

    Personal Breathalyzer

    Their makers say they can tell you if you've had a little too much to drive. But will they keep you between the yellow lines, or in front of the red and blue flashing lights?
  • Profile Toner

    It claims to be a face-lift in a box! The Profile Toner is really just a foamy ball made to exercise your neck and chin. But is this nerf-like ball worth the $30 price tag?
  • updated: 7/3/2001

    Auto Hammer

    This Auto Hammer promises to take the hard knocks out of driving a nail, because it magnetically holds the nail in place for you!
  • Skip Doctor

    It's the age of CD's. We use them for music, movies and computers. So what do you do when you scratch one? Call the Skip Doctor? We scratch beneath the surface of their claims for our test
  • Hairagami

    The instant hairstyle solution as advertised on TV doesn't quite make the grade during our evaluation.
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