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  • updated: 8/21/2003

    Leak Ender 2000

    Leak Ender 2000

    It's billed as a "miracle sealer." Leak Ender 2000 claims to immediately stop leaks in hoses, gutters, pipes, pools, even walls and windows.
  • Updated: 7/9/2003

    Igia Straight N-Go

    Igia Straight N-Go

    A lot of women with curly hair seem to want straight hair. That's the reason behind products like Igia's Straight N-Go. But will this iron take out the wave?
  • Drivers Fone System

    Drivers Fone System

    A hands-free cell phone speaker/microphone system looks capable, but Amy can't get it to work at all.
  • updated: 6/21/2001

    Mosquito Hawk

    An electronic mosquito repeller hopes to join the ranks of the sprays, candles and plants available to ward of mosquitos, but does it really work?
  • updated: 5/30/2001

    Pet Urine Spot Lawn Remover

    Dogs like to go to the bathroom in the same spots. That means brown, burnt patches of grass. But Pet Urine Spot Lawn Restorer may make your neighbors green with envy
  • updated: 5/10/2003

    Cheater Pipe

    Will this tool give you enough leverage to loosen those lug nuts?  Or just pry open your wallet and cheat you out of eight bucks?
  • Easy Quick Jumper

    A new product promises a quick start, but the reality fall short
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