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YourTurn - 6/8/09

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Kendra Johns from Parma, Missouri:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on I DO NOT think eHarmony should accommodate the gay community...marriage is and should be between a man and woman.  (We) should stand up and be proud and firm of our beliefs like the Miss California contestant..."

Kay Mowery from Anna, Illinois:
"I think it is time to start attacking the manufacturers of alcohol and give the tobacco industries a rest."

Daniel Burpo from Polar Bluff, Missouri:
"My son and I recently rode our bikes from Poplar Bluff to Lake Wappapello.  I was surprised to find so many drivers who do not know the laws or do not care about bicycle (riders).  We were nearly hit a number of times, passed in no pass zones on hills and curves where you could not see on-coming traffic...(bicyclists) also have rights!"

Tom Slinkard from West Frankfort, Illinois:
"Customer service seems to be lacking and you would think in these economic  times that any business supplying a service would want to please that customer even more to keep them coming's the customers' money that is keeping them in business."

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