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Wrecking Balm Tattoo Remover: Does it Work?

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By Lauren Keith - bio | email

MARBLE HILL, MO (KFVS) - There are so many lotions and potions that promise to get rid of tattoos, but can you really rub off something that's inked into your skin? Here's what I found after testing one product with April Lutes of Marble Hill.

"I got my tattoos ten years ago, and now I want them gone," says April.

She regrets getting tattoos on her chest and ankle. When she saw the Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal commercial enough times, she bought the $170 product, hoping it would help.

Just three minutes, three days per week, and supposedly Wrecking Balm removes that tattoo.  It consists of a gel, cream and a buffer.

"It's really easy. You just put the cream on and buff away," says April.

No need to make an appointment with a doctor to remove your tattoo, and no somewhat painful laser treatment. That's great for this busy mom, but it too good to be true? Here's April's ankle tattoo now. 

Initially, she noticed the Wrecking Balm buffer seemed to blur the edges of the tattoo a bit. In our opinion, this device looks like a microdermobrasion kit, really.

"Just a vibration feeling. It does feel gritty because substance is gritty. Like sandpaper on your skin and doesn't really hurt or anything," says April.  

She hopes the tattoos will clear up in time for a ceremony where she and her husband will renew their wedding vows. She's noticed the included Wrecking Balm waterproof concealer seems to help in the meantime.

Take a look at how well the concealer covers her ankle tattoo. April hopes in time, she won't even have anything to cover up at all.

"It shows it fading almost completely gone. If you continue to use it, they said, it will completely fade it," says April.

The timeline the company puts out is two months, but we even gave it an extra month.  So, three months later, here's what she found. "It looks like it might have faded on one little strip. I can't tell any difference at all," says April.

In fact, the only difference we can see is redness from the irritation this caused after April used it the required amount of time these last three months! The tattoos are still completely there.

"I've used it three times a week. I've done it every other day but it gives me irritation," she says.

Now, she's considering the more expensive laser treatments, prompting me to ask Dr. Troy Major of ENT Consultants in Cape Girardeau his thoughts on this product.

"Most tattoos are a bit deeper into skin itself," says Dr. Major.

The ENT says this rotating head may take away the top layer of a tattoo, but professional-grade tattoos usually go much further than that, making it harder to remove.

Lasers help by breaking down the dyes, sending them out through your immune system, where your white blood cells push it all out.

"Lasers have to recognize over 100 dyes and colors and those can be mixed," he explains.

He says green dye is the hardest to remove. Black is the easiest. As you see here though, the treatments can hurt, they're expensive and it may take several sessions before you see results. Even then, some tattoos might not fully go away, but he most certainly says lasers work much, much better than a product like this, among other options.

"The laser works best," says Dr. Major.

Back to April who's wishing she would have started at the doctor's office first. "Does this make you sick to your stomach? Are you mad?" I ask April.

She says, "For the money I paid, I would have rather done laser treatments but the concealer is the plus out of this," she admits.

The positive response from the concealer  keeps her from completely failing this product, despite the bad customer service she says she also received from the company.

"I think it's a gimmick. The concealer is the only thing out of it, at least a D minus if not a grade  'F,'" she says.

If you could order the concealer separately, I might consider a slightly higher grade. But another look at these results, or lack thereof, and I know the high dollar Wrecking Balm crashes and burns, failing this Does it Work test.

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