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YourTurn - 12/27/09

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Rod Thorn from Makanda, Illinois:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on taxes) I retired after 22 years of military service and observed first hand many countries and forms of government…I was always very glad to be back to my own familiar surroundings. (Smythe) displayed a graphic showing how low our taxes are…compared to other countries…Sometimes I have a difficult time accepting all the information I hear even when it sounds good…there are a lot of ‘facts' based on fuzzy facts and math to make the ‘facts' say just about anything. I wonder if those who prepared the graphic considered the following taxes on our income: building permits, septic systems, CDL license, cigarette tax, corporate income tax, dog licenses, unemployment tax, fishing licenses, liquor, luxury, marriage license, Medicare, property, sales tax, library tax, telephone tax, watercraft registration (and the list is endless). In spite of the taxes, I firmly believe that we live in the greatest country on earth!

Heartland viewer Jim Mitchell:
"Mike Smythe is absolutely right on his taxes ViewPoint. Maybe this information should be sent to all members of the House of Representatives and United States Senate."

Kathy Kraemer from Cape Girardeau:
"Regarding the YourTurn segment that discussed Christmas bonuses and people depending on them, as a prior business owner and manager I don't think it is normally in the employment contract to provide a bonus. A bonus is an extra usually not guaranteed but implied as a gesture of generosity in good times or after a significant boost in sales or income for a company."

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