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Buddy Check 12: MR-guided breast biopsy

 By Christy Hendricks - bio | email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - When someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, doctors typically use mammograms or ultrasounds to find the cancer.

But sometimes those tests won't pick up some abnormal spots very well.

There's a test called a magnetic resonance guided breast biopsy.  It's one of four types of biopsies for breast cancer patients.

The MR guided breast biopsy is for abnormalities that are hard to pick up with just a mammogram or ultrasound.

A special vacuum-assisted needle draws out tissue from the suspicious area.

It uses magnetic resonance imaging or MRI technology to guide the needle to the area for those small areas you can not feel.

"The other time it's useful is if there's any scarring in the breast and cannot use any other imaging morality to try to determine is this benign or is this malignant," said Dr. Olivia Aranha, an oncologist/hematologist with St. Francis Medical Center.  "The breast biopsy will actually help us get cells from this abnormality."

Dr. Aranha with the St. Francis Medical Center says this type of biopsy is not painful for the patient and can be finished in 45 minutes.  So it's a good alternative test for better accuracy for those hard to reach abnormalities.

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