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YourTurn - 2/8/10

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Heartland viewer Roberta Johnson:
"I recently visited a (fast food) restaurant in Sikeston. I noticed that most employees were wearing rubber gloves…but as I was placing my order, the guy who was preparing the food was inappropriately grabbing areas of his body (with the gloves on)… I was immediately turned off and walked out. For those of you preparing food please be aware of what you are doing when handling food."

Rose McIntyre from Jackson, Missouri:
"Why is everyone's electric bill in Jackson up almost 50%? I can guarantee it is not because of the weather. My sister has not stayed in her apartment and the heat is turned down to 68 degrees and there are no lights on. Last month her bill was $43 and this month it is $127…my electric bill went from $140 to $210…please air this on YourTurn to see if anyone will comment…I am sure they will."

Sara Dollins from Neelyville, Missouri:
"I usually enjoy Mike Smythe's opinions but he was way off when he said he appreciated drug ads on television (for information). I also disagree that doctors control the use of pharmaceuticals. Insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are controlling doctors…I do not want to rely on my own knowledge of drugs. Doctors and pharmacists have the training…I say take off the advertisements and lower my prescription drug costs."

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