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Buddy Check 12: New breast cancer research

By Stephanie Byars - bio | email

CAPE GIRARDEAU (KFVS) - On the 12th of every month, Heartland News reminds women about the importance of breast self exam in detecting breast cancer.  In this month's Buddy Check 12 report, we have a look at new research.

First, a study just out suggests MRI scans may not do much to improve routine breast cancer care.  Researchers found adding the expensive scans to diagnose breast cancer did not change the rates of multiple operations or the need for additional mastectomy procedures.  The only difference, researchers say, was the added health cost.

Meanwhile, a Southeast Missouri Hospital oncologist says researchers have made huge steps towards what he calls the "holy grail" of breast cancer treatment.  Dr. Roberts Martinez says drugs called parp inhibitors would fight more aggressive forms of breast cancer much better.  The targeted therapy works by treating cancer cells but sparing the rest of the body.

"They look very promising and again will probably change the face of treatment of cancer available to women, especially the triple negative breast cancers," said Dr. Martinez. 

Triple negative breast cancers are the most aggressive and rare form of the cancer.  Unlike chemotherapy, patients on parp inhibitors don't suffer side effects like hair loss and extreme nausea.  The drugs are still under research.

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