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Does it Work Wednesday Fitness Week: Shape-up Shoes

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By Lauren Keith - bio | email

(KFVS) - Lose weight while doing normal everyday stuff? Sounds pretty good. But Does it Work?

The answer might be found inside West Lane Elementary. Here, Jackson teachers and staff have a district-wide weight loss challenge going on.

Several added "Shape Up Shoes" to help them meet their goals.

"The shoes just kind of helped boost it a little bit. I plateaued, so the shoes gave me an extra incentive to work out a little bit more," said teacher Shanna Wilson.

Shanna Wilson wears her Reebok Easy Tone Shoes about four times a week. She's had them since Christmas and says she's noticed a difference.

"Absolutely, especially in the way you stand," said Wilson.

That's also what fellow teacher Nancy Buchanan found. She has "Mary Jane" style shoes from Sketchers.

"Well, I've only had them three or four months, and I don't notice the shape-up effect. I notice more is the way they're built. It pitches you forward and your posture, I think it maybe helps a little bit with my back," said Buchanan.

Still, other coworkers are seeing some results in toning of their legs.

"I found these at K-mart and they were supposed to correct back problems and strengthen your lower legs. It does work!" said custodian Janice Shirrell.

Shirrell is on her feet all day long. She even notices a difference when she doesn't wear her $35 K-Mart Thera Shoes. She likes them so much. However, she warns you might be sore when you first wear these type of shoes.

"At first I didn't think I'd like them because they do make your legs extremely sore," said Shirrell.

I could barely catch up with the fast-moving school nurse, Kathleen Rice, who exercises on her breaks.

"When I first started wearing them, my legs were sore. I don't have that same problem anymore," said Rice.

The nurse also catches on to what might also be going on here, these shoes might also be working your brain.

"I think that I'm more conscious of how I use my body when wearing them. I can tell a difference."

So, it's still a bit questionable whether these shoes do any toning, but overall positive reviews here at school. However, when I learned a local waitress never leaves home without these shoes. I had to check that out, too.

"It takes getting use to at first, The heel is higher up, and they kind of rock, so they're firming the muscles in your butt and thighs. If you wear flat shoes, you can tell a difference," said Mario's Pasta House waitress Denise Grippo.

So, what do the experts think? I asked personal trainer Nan Blattel to weigh in on the results. She definitely thinks these shoes improve posture, which engages your core. Perhaps surprisingly,  she says you might tone up a little with these various shoes.

"Also, you can't lock your knees out. You keep a little bit of a slight bend in your knees. Therefore, it will tighten and firm your thighs a little bit, but as far as weight loss goes, it doesn't matter what kind of shoes you have on, as long as you're moving and exercising. That's the most important thing," said Blattel.

Nan says don't expect to get "buns and legs of steel" by simply walking in these things, but she and all the women agree shaping and toning shoes might be the extra kick that gets you going.

"If it takes buying the shoes to remind you to start walking, that's what it takes do it," said Blattel.

"I'd give them an 'A' myself," said the custodian.

"I have to give it an A plus, really. I'm happy with them," said the waitress.

"I'd say B plus, they're not ugly, so," said teacher Shanna Wilson.

"I definitely stand up straighter. B plus," said Nancy Buchanan, a teacher.

"So I'd probably give it a B because I think it does help my back and posture," said the school nurse.

"Honestly, as long as you're exercising, it doesn't matter what kind of shoes you have on," said the trainer.

Now my turn - I'd say a grade 'B' for the results seen on your back and brain power.

These shoes apparently do help get you moving' in the right direction and now it's time for us to move on out on this Does it Work test.

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