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YourTurn - 3/15/10

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Kathy Chandler from Carbondale, Illinois:
"Thank you for broadcasting YourTurn. I recently saw the (news report) on Feed The Children. I donated to this charity and thought I was helping children…I am really upset that these fat cats take advantage of these kids…I think they need a watch dog on this so called charity."

Laurel Jeanine Smith from Pinckneyville, Illinois:
"About the 24 hour wait period before abortion, I feel it is long overdue…but is it too late? For years we have given generations coming of age the mistaken impression that life is disposable, instead of valuable. I hope it is not too late to turn this error around…this new mandated law would also send a better message to everyone worldwide."

Isom Pope from Doniphan, Missouri:
"I am a cancer, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, COPD, spinal and traumatic brain injury patient...on a scale of 1 to 10…my pain level is around seven. My medical team has said to smoke all the marijuana I want in order to relieve the pain, nausea, loss of appetite, and tremors that I suffer with everyday…I urge all the citizens of Missouri to contact their representative in Jefferson City and tell them to support the bill to legalize marijuana."

James Brooks from Carbondale, Illinois:
"I am responding to Mike Smythe's ViewPoint addressing drug ads…why would anyone take a drug (with) side effects worse that the diagnosed malady? Why trust your doctor, who is enticed by kickbacks from the pharmaceutical industry to push untested drugs…the FDA has taken a laxed attitude toward regulating new drugs…do you think that maybe they can be bought off?"

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