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Reach to Recovery



Reach to Recovery
By: Wendy Ray

The road to recovery may seem endless for breast cancer patients when they're first diagnosed. For many, talking to someone who's been through it can help. A special program gives patients that support.

Judy Eaker knows what it's like to fight breast cancer. A 12 year survivor of the disease, now she's focused on helping other women get through it. She says, "A lot of times when they're diagnosed with cancer it used to be a death sentence, now it's not if we get it early. I get satisfaction out of it because I feel like if I can help someone get through this, I've done something worthwhile." Sometimes, it only takes a phone call. It's just one part of the Reach to Recovery program. As a volunteer, Eaker talks with women who are fighting the disease. She gives them information on making their recovery easier, and lets them now they can get through it. Eaker nows. Reach to Recovery volunteers helped her after she was diagnosed. "And you do, you think well if they did it, I could do it," she says. And she did overcome the disease. She wants other women to be survivors too.

You can find out more on the Reach to Recovery program and the Cancer Survivors Network by clicking here

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