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Does it Work Pet Week: Emery Cat

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By Lauren Keith - bio | email

(KFVS) -The commercial for Emery Cat is getting the attention of cat owners everywhere who are, in turn, emailing me to "Try it Before You Buy it".....well, sort of. I'll let two cats, Toby and Carlisle do most of the testing. They belong to Lezli Lincoln and her family. She says despite their clawing on furniture, they are keepers.

"They're my babies. Some of us have said they need to be outside cats though," she laughed.

And once you see the mangled mess they made of Lezli's coffee table leg, you'd know why. She's tried scratching posts, but these fancy felines prefer furniture. So, can Emery Cat lure them its way?

"I hope so. Otherwise, he's going to be taking a trip to the vet, so yeah!"

Lezli reads the directions on the over-sized nail file.

"Open the bag of catnip and sprinkle a generous amount into the entire surface of the board."

 That we do. Next, we pry loose the feather toy from one of the cats so we can place it on the Emery Cat board, hoping they'll follow...but not so runs away. Our cameras don't help.

The other cat gets close to it, but not without a cat treat to go along. Then, Lezli's son shows the cats how to use this. Still, there's not much scratching and pawing going on, but definitely curiosity, as indicative of cats. So, we decide to leave the product with Lezli and let the kitties warm up to it a bit.

Just three weeks later, Lezli told me to come back and pick this up. It was just creating a mess of catnip all over her home---not filing the cat's claws.

"The one day he did scratch on it, I couldn't tell a huge difference in his nails."

Lezli even bought fresh catnip hoping that would make the difference.

"They rubbed all over it, but they never scratched. They'll sit on it and scratch the post on the table! That's about all they'll have to do with it!"

They do love that feather toy though, and that's exactly the same results I found when Heartland News web producer Christy Hendricks used it in her home.

"My cats already have a scratch board that they're used to. I laid the Emery Cat right next to it, and they didn't have anything to do with it. Nothing."

For almost $50 with shipping, you can buy a much cheaper feather toy if that's all these cats will like from it.

"If I had to rate it, I'd give it probably a D minus, if that," said Christy.

So, it's back to the ole scratching post for our testers.

"I'm hoping they don't tear anything up besides the table! I'd give it a 'D', too." laughed Lezli.

So, it seems it's not curiosity that kills that cat in this case, rather it's this test!

The $50 Emery Cat files a 'D minus' on this Does it Work Pet test.  Keep in mind, you can now find Emery Cat for $20 in select Wal-Mart stores, if you're interested.

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