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YourTurn - 10/8/10

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Celia Keene from Doniphan, Missouri:
"I would like to bring to everyone's attention the need to support the local food banks. In this bad economy we need to remember those in need. Food banks (also) accept money donations to help provide extra food and products."

Amy Lee Day from Olive Branch, Illinois:
"Regarding the plans of what will be done with the money from a land sale for a new casino…I am wondering why the Humane Society of Cape Girardeau could not benefit? I know how much the Humane Society benefits the surrounding areas, not to mention the animals that need shelter and food."

Rod Lipe from Cape Girardeau:
"The rich not only get richer but also get (special treatment) when they break the law. Lindsay Lohan didn't learn a thing during her short stay in jail…Paris Hilton was found guilty on a drug charge and the judge gave her a year on probation…both should spend time in jail as do all the other poor people that get caught doing the same thing …the rich parents of these two pampered children should be ashamed of themselves for getting them off without learning a lesson for what they have done."

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