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YourTurn - 2/4/11

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Patrick Nenninger from Sikeston, Missouri:
"Business owners should decide whether or not there will be smoking in their business. I also (believe) that it should be up to the riders if they wear a helmet…and up to the people if they want to wear a seatbelt. (Although) Mike Smythe and I don't always agree, I truly believe he is doing a good job with ViewPoint."

Glenda Pen from Portageville, Missouri:
"When money is allocated to states by the federal government for designated projects, which most call ‘Pork', why can't the states refuse this tax-payers ‘gift' and work toward bringing (Washington's) wild spending under control? For example, does anyone know why the new rest stops that are being built on I-55 south of Sikeston and North of Hayti? Restoration of the old rest stop would have provided a place for the needs of the traveling public…the citizens of this great nation have not realized that they are in control, not the federal government."

Heartland viewer Bill Roberts:
"Every state in the union is in a deficit and most of the Governors are starting to do the dreaded cuts in cost…one is in education. This I do not understand. (The) states (are) providing food and phones for people too lazy to work, who are not paying taxes, (and) illegal immigrants who are stealing our jobs. The U.S. is providing food and shelter to people overseas, billions to Haiti alone. The (government) is cutting our kids out of their education, school programs that are designed to be a community service to the WORKING parents of this country…we need to cut costs but not at the expense of our children."

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