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Woman gets 15 years for conspiracy to commit murder


Judge William Syler hands down a maximum prison sentence Friday of 15 years for Michelle Lawrence.

Lawrence will soon move from a jail cell in Bollinger County to a prison cell.

Lawrence pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder back in June.

While the victim's family is pleased with the maximum punishment, it is far from what they consider justice.

"They were loved, and deeply missed," said Kelly Yates Hoffman. "We ask the court to render the maximum sentence allowed by law."

Weary from multiple court proceedings, Kelly Yates Hoffman gathers strength to face a woman she blames for the deaths of her loved ones.

Wearing purple, her sister Jamie Orman's favorite color, and a necklace with three hearts Hoffman speaks from the heart.

"It has shattered our whole family to lose three members in such a horrible way," said Hoffman.

In October of 2009, a pregnant Jamie Orman, and her 15-year-old son Derrick were shot inside a home on Missouri Avenue in Cape Girardeau.

Derrick, Jamie, and her unborn son all died.

Ryan Patterson was found guilty in early August on three counts of murder.

Michelle Lawrence pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, saying she helped plan the events that lead to the murders.

"Michelle not only started the motion of the murders that took place she purchased the bullets that killed my sister and my two nephews," said Hoffman.

Derrick Orman's father Bruce says there is no punishment stiff enough for Lawrence.

"Holidays and birthdays will never be the same," said Orman. "I miss my son very much, part of me died that morning with Derrick."

Michelle Lawrence addressed the court before her sentencing.

"I know I can never replace the lives of Jamie, Derrick, and baby Joey," said Lawrence. "I am truly sorry for your loss. I am sorry for the way their lives were taken for no reason other than selfishness and greed."

The defense asked for probation to eight years, while the prosecution asked for the maximum 15 years.

Judge Syler ruled, "I'm going to follow the recommendation, and sentence the defendant to 15 years."

Lawrence said, "I have admitted the wrongdoings and someday I will have the opportunity to move forward with my life."

It's a statement, some family members of the victims had trouble hearing.

"She has the opportunity in 15 years to get on with her life, questioned Kelly Yates Hoffman. "My sister will never get that, my nephews will never get that."

Michelle Lawrence remains in Bollinger County, we're told she'll likely be transferred on Monday.

Meanwhile, sentencing is coming up next month for the remaining defendants in this case.

Ryan Patterson was recently found guilty on three murder counts, and Samuel "Ray Ray" Hughes who admitted to being the lookout man the night of the crimes.  

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