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AirPress Massager

AirPress Massager
By: Amy Jacquin

It's supposed to feel like five sets of hands massaging your legs! But are the makers of the AirPress Massager just blowing hot air?

Hair stylists know what it's like to be on their feet all day... So the thought of a foot and leg massage when they get home, sounds nice! Makers of the AirPress massager claim you have to "feel it to believe it." So we grab a couple of volunteers at Elements Salon in Cape Girardeau.... Starting with Christy Pittman. "It says not to put it directly on your skin," Christy reads directions.

We run into a problem as we untangle the product, to try and put it on! "That broke!" exclaimed Amy Jacquin, as she first took the product out of the box. So I tape the broken hose, to make sure we won't lose air pressure, and Christy puts the boots on. "When you first turn it on, it fills with air for two minutes," says Christy. "Then it shuts off for 15 seconds. Then on again for 30 seconds, and off for 15."

The AirPress Massager slowly fills with air... But as it does, one of the Velcro flaps comes undone. "It feels a lot like a blood pressure cuff," laughs Christy. We let Christy prop her feet on a chair, to try and get the full effect. But Christy still has a hard time buying into the product. "It's more awkward to go through all this. And it costs $40?! No way!" she laughs and shakes her head.

Next, a client slips into the AirPress Massager. But Lynn Young is a little disappointed. "Oh, the massage is the inflating and the deflating," Lynn says as she starts to understand why she's not feeling a traditional massage. "I see. Do I consider that a real massage? No, no. Not really!" But makers claim it'll make your legs feel incredible?! "Not yet!" Lynn shakes her head.

Makers also promise it'll soothe sore muscles?! "No..." Lynn's voice trails off. She doesn't even want to finish her ten-minute massage! "I'd rather have a real massage than this." She passes it off to Linda Pietreface, another stylist. "It doesn't feel like anyone's massaging or touching your leg," adds Linda.

Linda can't see where the AirPress Massager would help her tired legs at the end of the day. "Just going home and taking my shoes off feels better than hooking this up!" she laughs, and her co-workers agree. And when makers call it one of the most pleasurable physical sensations of your life, Linda says..."Probably not!"

You'll likely be disappointed, too, if you spend $40 on the AirPress Massager. We give it a D.

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