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Buddycheck 12: One woman's journey Pt. 5


We've been sharing Judy Settle's story for six months now.

The Jackson, Mo. woman is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

In September, she moves into a new phase of her treatment and welcomes back something she'd lost!

"I come in here, I put on my beautiful robe and then they call me back there when they're ready for me," Settle said. "I lay down on the table I think 10 minutes and we're done."

Two weeks into radiation treatment for breast cancer, Settle says, this part of her treatment is going pretty well.

"It feels like a chest x-ray or any other x-ray, you feel nothing."

Settle finished her chemotherapy treatments at Southeast Cancer Center in Cape Girardeau in August.

She had a few weeks break and now she'll undergo 25 radiation treatments there for five weeks, five days a week.

Settle says although a daily visit can be tedious, unlike with chemo, she's not dealing with and side effects right now.

As she goes through treatment, she's focusing on a significant event at the end of her treatment.

"My birthday will be the last radiation treatment," Settle said. "I'm thinking 'yeah,' what better day to have the last one."

And she's pretty excited about something else too...her hair is growing back!

But it's not what she's getting back, but what she can get rid of that Judy's looking forward to.

"For me the coolest part about the hair growing back in is it means every time I go to leave the house I don't have to turn back around and go 'Oh, I forgot my hat!'"

The morning of our interview Settle got to do something she hasn't done in a while...put on mascara!

She's looking forward to what she'll see as her hair continues to grow.

"A lot of times it grows back really coarse feeling and stuff so you might see me with really curly hair in another couple of weeks!"

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