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The Best Nut Cracker


The Best Nut Cracker
By: Amy Jacquin

The $10 tool called The Best Nut Cracker promises to crack the shell, but not the nut... so you'll enjoy a variety of fresh, whole nuts.

It claims to be as quick as placing, cracking, and enjoying, but as soon as Amy Jacquin tries it, the nut shoots out of the open end like a rocket!

"Oh!" Amy exclaims and laughs.

It does not warn you nuts may shoot out of the open end as you squeeze! She tries the small hazelnut again, pushing the nut in as she squeezes, and it does work.

"Oh, look," Amy smiles, "A whole nut."

The almond is so thin, Amy holds it in position as she squeezes. It's awkward, but it works.

"Sure enough, out comes an almond," Amy says as she peels the last of the shell away. "But it's cracked in half."

It takes a while to get the feel for how hard you have to squeeze. And a slick-shelled nut, like pecans, are challenging.

"It keeps sliding out of here," she says, as she puts it back inside the cracker. "Let's see, if I push it down... There we go."

But it's not long before another mishap... Another nut shoot across the room!

The Best Nut Cracker also works with walnuts... but not all of them come out in perfect halves.

Amy moves on to a Brazil nut, which is much tougher. And she discovers it works better to crack both ends before picking at the shell.

"Okay, these are hard nuts to do," she says as she works on the Brazil nut. "But I guess that's decent."

"This is Kimberly Eftink," Amy introduces a visitor. "She's visiting us today. I'm asking her to help us try the Best Nut Cracker, to get her opinion. But don't aim it at me, because it may fire out of there!"

Kimberly has to work at it, but she eventually cracks the shell.

"Almost two halves," Amy says as she looks at the pecan.

So the $10 tool is not all it's cracked up to be. It works, but the nuts can slip and shoot out... And you still need to crack both ends for best results... So the Best Nut Cracker earns an average grade, at best. It tops out at a C.

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