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3/4/12 - Severe Weather

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Last week, seven people died and many more were injured when five tornadoes swept through the Heartland. We saw widespread damage in Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky, but Saline County, Illinois took the worst hit. The National Weather service says it was an EF-4 that ripped through Harrisburg with 180 mile an hour winds. While this weather system continued to spawn tornadoes up into the day, every one of these "killer tornadoes" dropped from the sky and did their damage between 3:00 and 5:00 in the morning.

What were you doing between 3:00 and 5:00 in the morning on Wednesday last week? If you were like me, you were sound asleep. While the Heartland Storm Team was working hard to keep us safe, to show us where the imminent danger was, many of us were sleeping like babies, with our TV's turned off. That is why it is so very important that you have a weather radio. That weather radio can serve as your severe weather alarm, waking you in times of peril and providing you a chance to seek shelter, or at least turn to KFVS12 to get informed.

When tornadoes are sighted, we have precious little time to react. Getting a weather radio can help you increase your odds of survival when severe weather strikes. By now I hope you know that KFVS12 has teamed with Midland to offer special discounts on StormTeam weather radios that are available at Orscheln locations and on KFVS12.com.

Click here for information about StormTeam Weather Radios and for Orscheln locations

Whether you chose to get one of these particular radios or not, it is extremely important to get some type of NOAA approved radio to protect you while you sleep. Someday, and hopefully that day will never come, you may be glad you did. 

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