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Does It Work Wednesday 3-17-2004


By: Amy Jacquin

Easter is just around the corner, and that means lots of Easter eggs. Makers of a gadget called Eggstractor say it peels those hard-boiled eggs for you.

We start by boiling some eggs. Directions on the Eggstractor says to then put the eggs in a bowl of ice water.

After the eggs are in the water for one minute, we're supposed to take the small end of the egg, tap a hole in the shell with a little plastic nub built into the product.

Then you crack the big part on the table. To catch the egg, you put a plate under the Eggstractor.

We place the egg in the base with the small end up... put the Eggstractor over the egg... criss cross our hands and press down firmly...

"That's as firmly as I can press!" says Amy Jacquin as she pushes on the Eggstractor. "Oh, yea, that's a perfectly peeled egg, isn't it?!? Okay, let's try another one."

Amy goes through the entire sequence again. The only directions come on the box, and we follow them to a tee. But we still get a mangled shell, and the egg still inside.

Those we tried were just boiled and put in water for a minute. But a lot of people don't want to peel their eggs right away. I boiled these last night and had them in the refrigerator all night, so they're pretty cold. I'm going to try these and see how the Eggstractor does.

But we can't poke a hole in the cold shell, at least not without cracking part of the shell around the egg. You might think that would help the Eggstractor work a little better, but... no.

We gave it a few more tries with the same miserable results. Don't shell-out $16 for this thing... plan to peel them by hand instead. The Eggstractor earns "egg-sactly" an F.

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