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Perfect Omelet

Perfect Omelet
By: Amy Jacquin

The $10 Perfect Omelet maker comes with a recipe booklet... And we follow directions for the basic omelet. We start by whipping together four eggs and a dash of milk.

"With the perfect omelet open, pour it into each side," Amy Jacquin reads from the recipe booklet. "Microwave on high for one minute."

After the time passes, Amy removes the Perfect Omelet.

"I have to take it out and push the cooked edges toward the middle," Amy explains. "It doesn't look really appetizing, does it?"

The eggs are runny, with a thin outline of soft-cooked eggs around the edges. She pushes the cooked part toward the center, and puts the Perfect Omelet back in the microwave.

"Okay, now we microwave on high for 30 seconds," she reads. "I have to pull it out and add ingredients next time. It's not supposed to be fully cooked, and it won't be."

Amy removes the Perfect Omelet to add the fillings. She notices the plastic cooker is not hot to handle. She sprinkles cheese and ham onto the half-cooked eggs.

"I close the Perfect Omelt this time, and microwave on high for another 30 seconds."

But it still wasn't done... So Amy added ANOTHER 30 seconds, as per directions.

"Oh, look! It's coming out the sides!" she says as she quickly turns the microwave off. "Okay, it's done!"

Directions say, since each microwave varies, you just have to experiment to find the correct time. Amy tastes the omelet and says, "It's not bad."

It tastes fine. But she's not convinced it's any easier than using a non-stick skillet. And the Perfect Omelet maker was difficult to clean, because egg cooked into the grooves and hinges. But it does not require any oil, so that may make it healthier. And it can be washed on the top-rack of your dishwasher. So overall, the $10 Perfect Omelet earns a B-.

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