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Mr. Clean AutoDry Carwash

Mr. Clean AutoDry Carwash
By: Amy Jacquin

Drying your car can be a pain, wringing-out a chamois or towel. You may be able to toss the chamois away, if Mr Clean AutoDry Car wash lives up to its claims.

"Put the filter in, first," Amy Jacquin reads directions as her volunteers work on the product.

She gets the guys at Smiley's Automotive Detailing in Cape Girardeau to help test Mr Clean's Auto Dry Car wash. Makers promise a spot-free shine with no need to hand dry. It requires a special filter, and special soap. Makers say to ONLY use Auto Dry soap... Because it contains a dry rinse polymer that works with the de-ionized water for a spot-free result. So we bought the starter kit for $25.

"Dish soap is the worst thing you can use on a car, because it eats the wax right off," says owner Smiley Smith.

Mr Clean Auto Dry is set-up so you just turn a knob and spray. After the Jeep is wet, employee Kyle Barks switches to "soap" and suds appear.

"It smells good!" Amy exclaims. "Yea, it does," they echo.

Smiley uses a mitt to scrub the Jeep clean.

And he's admittedly sceptical about the product...

"I don't think it's going to dry without leaving spots," he shrugs his shoulders. "I'll be impressed if it does."

Directions say to rinse with regular water first, then switch to Auto Dry's special "de-ionized" filtering process. It sounds like a mini-jet engine warming up... But the spray is much softer. You can see the sheeting action right away...

"It instantly takes off the water beads, that you normally try to get!" laughs Kyle.

The reason people want to see water beads, is to show your car is waxed... which Smiley does often. Mr Clean says Auto Dry does NOT strip your wax, and we'll test that claim later. After they finish rinsing the Jeep, Smiley pulls it outside for easier air drying.

"I don't see any water streaks or spots," he says after about 5 minutes. "So it's doing what it says it'll do. I didn't think it would work that well."

"Nope, no spots on it." adds Kyle. "Whether it takes 15 or 20 or 30 minutes to dry, that's time you're not having to use to dry it yourself."

But we're not finished yet. Remember the claim that Auto Dry does not strip wax? Makers promise that water beads will come back with the next rain, proving you still have wax on your vehicle. So we rinse Smiley's jeep with regular water, to see how many water beads return.

"I don't see any beads," he says, shaking his head. "So I'm thinking it may have washed my wax off. And that's not good."

Smiley waxes a small part of the hood, and runs some water over it... Boom! The beads are back!

"See, now that's when you have wax on your car," he says.

We're not convinced Mr Clean Auto Dry does not remove wax. So if that's important to you, do your own comparison. But it does leave a spot-free shine, is pretty easy to use, and not too expensive. So overall, we give Mr. Clean Auto Dry a C+.

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