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Dawn Dishwashing Products

Dawn Dishwashing Products
By: Amy Jacquin

Most of us enjoy eating those home-cooked meals. But we dislike the clean-up afterward! A couple of new products by Dawn promise to make dishwashing easier.

Bella Italia restaurant in downtown Cape Girardeau serves lots of gooey, cheesy dishes. That means lots of baked-on, burnt-on, greasy pans... A perfect choice to help us test these two Dawn dishwashing products!

Power Dissolver is a pretreater.

"It just says to spray the area to be cleaned," says Bella Italia employee Susan Smith.

But the thin steam makes it hard to see how much you're applying. Then you let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes, before easily washing the the grime off... with NO scrubbing.

"Yea, if this works like it's supposed to, it'll probably make it a lot easier!" laughs Susan.

Directions say you can also pretreat with Power Dissolver, and still put dishes in the dishwasher.

"It's got a strong odor to it," Susan says, crinkling her nose. "I wouldn't want to be stuck in a small room with it!"

We decided it smells similar to an oven cleaner.

As the pretreater soaks, we move on to Wash and Toss. They're disposable dish pads with soap inside.

One side is soft, the other has plastic netting for scrubbing. You just wet the pad to generate suds... And toss when finished.

"It's not really working on these really tough spots," Susan says as she scrubs a plate.

But most of us keep a scrubbing pad close-by. And it works well on average dishes, with the pad holding-up well.

"It's endless!" Susan laughs as she squeezes out suds. "For now at least!"

We did quite a few dishes, and still had soap left. So at least we know it'll last through a big stack... But does that mean we're also WASTING a lot if we only do a small load? It's hard to say whether you'll want to leave a pad sitting on the counter for future use...

"This is something you'll want to do several pans or plates and dishes with," says Susan. "I guess you could rinse it and save it, but I don't think I'd want to."

Back to Power Dissolver... It's been soaking in for 15 minutes now. Susan grabs the first pan, and tries washing it using only a dish rag.

"That really helped!" she says, as the plate comes clean. "And with just a little cloth. Nothing else, and I'm not even using a whole lot of pressure."

Time and time again, the pans wash clean. But Susan occasionally grabs a plastic scrub pad to help.

"Overall, if you have several to do, it's going to save quite a few minutes," says Susan.

Both Dawn products work pretty well. Just be prepared to pay for convenience... they're more expensive than regular dish soap and your own elbow grease. And don't expect miracles, keep a scrub pad handy. Power Dissolver earns an A- ... And Wash and Toss tops out at a B+.

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