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Website preserves politicians' deleted Twitter posts


Politicians use social media to get their message across. We also know their tweets can get them in trouble, and the power of the "delete" button has been weakened thanks to a new website called "Politwoops."

We've all done it - you tweet something clever but maybe realize it's a little too sarcastic or tweet a bunch of misspellings. Believe it or not, politicians do it too, and now Politwoops is immortalizing those errors for all to see. It saves the tweets elected officials have gotten rid of and even shows you how long it was up before it was axed.

"We also like to use it as sort of a heads up, maybe give a warning sign on some newsworthiness," said Liz Bartolomeo, a spokeswoman for the Sunlight Foundation, who created the American version of a similar website already used in the Netherlands. She told us a lot of the deleted tweets on Politwoops are from Arizona lawmakers.

"In the past six months we have, Politwoops has found about 20 deleted tweets from him," Bartolomeo said of Sen. John McCain.

"I think it's good to hold people accountable, they should practice what they preach," said Roman Jaworowicz. "If they say something, they should do it."

"If they're going to go and say something stupid, it should be there forever, I guess," said Rachel Dupre.

So is this a politician's worst nightmare? Rep. Paul Gosar's office says it may actually help their image.

"It just goes to show that members of Congress and their staff - we're human as well," said Apryl Maria Fogel, a spokeswoman in Gosar's office.

We're told some at Capitol Hill are even purposefully tweeting and then deleting because they may have a better chance of getting noticed on Politwoops rather than on their own Twitter accounts.

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