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8/19/12 - Start of School

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It's back to school time and all across the Heartland it seems mornings are a little more hectic as we rush around to get the kids out the door and on to school. As parents, we pay a lot to send our kids back to school. We pay for clothing, supplies, and backpacks to carry them in.

But it is important that everyone pay something more at this time of year. and that something more is attention. We all need to pay attention when we're driving. Watch out for kids walking to and from school, and make sure that we slow down in school zones. When we're sitting in pick up lines, let's commit to put the cell phone down and pay attention to the children, ours and others, weaving in and out of cars. Let's pay attention to busses and be prepared to stop when they put their flashers on. And let's watch out for the students getting on and off. Three times as many kids are killed each year getting on and off a bus than are killed in bus crashes themselves. Most killed are between the ages of five and seven; little kids who have limited experience with traffic, little kids who are simply excited to get on or off the bus. Folks, one accident is one too many. If you have children riding a bus this year make sure you do everything possible to teach them about getting safely on and off of it.

And when the school day is done and we get the kids home, we should make sure that we pay them some personal attention too. Talk about their day, make sure homework gets done, and make sure that we give them every opportunity to succeed both at school and in life.

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