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Some Heartland farmers benefiting from drought conditions


The drought continues to take a toll on farmers across the Heartland.

But one farmer is benefiting from little rainfall.

Jerry Smith called it his best crop in decades.

He said the last time he had a crop this good was the last drought.

"This is certainly the harvest of the decade since 1999," said Smith. "Thirteen years ago is the last time we had anything that approached that."

Smith owns River Ridge Winery in Commerce, Missouri.

He says the lack of water causes grapes to have more sugar in them, making wine sweeter and better tasting for the consumers.

The drought also caused the acid in the grape to go down as well.

Smith says he doesn't hope for droughts. He just takes what Mother Nature gives him.

He says his costs are even down.

He hasn't sprayed the grapes like he normally does.

Coming up on Heartland News at 10, we will give you an update on pumpkins.

Farmers are struggling across the country, but one local grower says his field is looking good right now.

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