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9/10/12 - Hunger

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According to the US Department of Agriculture more than 50 million Americans couldn't afford to buy food at some point last year. 17 million had to reduce what they ate because what they could afford to buy didn't last and they had no money to buy more. Four million of them were children.

Now, I have a question for you: Have you ever really been hungry? I'm not talking about skipping lunch hungry, or needing a snack hungry – I mean missing meals because you have no way possible to provide food for yourself or your family.

Numbers like these should alarm you. This is not a third world country we live in, this is the land of plenty. There is no reason for anyone in the Heartland to go to bed hungry tonight...but some will. Many of them will be children.

Now if you want to shrug this off that's your business. But let's focus on these hungry kids for a minute. According to the group Share our Strength, kids who struggle with hunger are sick more often. They cannot learn as much, as fast, or as well. They have higher levels of behavior and emotional problems and are more likely to be anxious or aggressive.

Helping solve the hunger problem now may help solve many other problems as these children mature. September is Hunger Action month. Take action.

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