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Alleged illegal dumpsite discovered in Franklin County


By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

BENTON, IL (KFVS) -  A Franklin County man is in hot water with the State of Illinois, and his neighbors.

On Wednesday the Illinois Attorney General charged Floyd Burns of Benton with numerous criminal charges for allegedly running an illegal dumpsite.

Investigators with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency say they found more than a hundred abandoned vehicles, and hundred of car tires on Burns' property on Hill City Road.

And that's not all they found, Burns has also been charged with allegedly allowing people to dump construction debris and chemicals on the property.

But, that's not all the troubles Burns is dealing with. His neighbors along North Stuyvesant Street say they're living next to a safety and health hazard in their neighborhood.

"We're always concerned about the rats and other rodents that may be present around here," said Art Rice. " So it is a safety and health hazard."

A quick look around the neighborhood in the four hundred block of North Stuyvesant Street, and it's plain to see why Burns' home stands out.

"It's really bad there's a lot of cats and dogs, possums and skunks that go in and out over there all the time, day and night," said Jeff Rich. "It's really an eyesore."

"It's a shame to have this, because we have friends and other people who come by to visit us. And they have to see all this," said Rice. "And it really tears down our whole neighborhood to see all this trash and junk cars sitting around the place."

And the sheer amount of items and abandoned cars, along with the lack of upkeep on the house and clutter around it depicts a long overdue cleanup.

"We've lived here about seven years, it was like that when we moved in," said Rich. " And it's got progressively worse over the years. He just keeps bringing more and more stuff. And piling it up in his yard."

"To him it's fine. To us it's not fine," said Rice. "But there's nothing we can do, nor as I know anybody else."

Burns' property on North Stuyvesant Street sits just outside the Benton city limits.  In the Benton Township, where there's a different set of ordinances regulating what property owners can and can not have on their property.

The Illinois Attorney General has fined Burns $50,000 for his alleged activities at his property on Hill City Road. And $10,000 a day until he cleans the place up.



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