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Veteran pushes for veterans museum in Carbondale


A Vietnam veteran who calls Carbondale home wants to build a place to honor his fellow veterans.

For the past four years Army Veterans Thomas Snowden and Henry Traylor have been working to create a Veterans museum and recreation center in Carbondale.

Both men say it's important for veterans to have a place  to go.

"I'm glad that I was in the military and for what I learned," said Henry Traylor a U.S. Army Korean War veteran. "And the guys over there now fighting don't have the opportunity that a lot of us had when we got out of the military. And I'm glad that Thomas and I are supporting this veterans museum center for Carbondale and all veterans."

The idea for the place was originally Snowden's. And he also wants the place to be a home away from home for veterans.

"So the Veterans have a place to go during the day instead of sitting at home all day long doing nothing," said Thomas Snowden a U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran. "And the Veterans can come in and play cards and meet other Veterans. And we can have entertainment on the weekends."

The veterans museum and recreation center are still in the planning and fundraising stage. Snowden and Traylor are hoping that other people will get on board to help them make their dream a reality for veterans.

If you'd like to help them build a place for veterans in Carbondale there is an account for donations at the First Southern Bank in Carbondale. Or you can contact Thomas Snowden at 618-305-3474.

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