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Small businesses add personal touch to keep customers


Local Heartland small businesses said they do a few small things, to hopefully have a big impact with customers.

Pat and Janet Ruopp are dentists in Cape Girardeau and say they like to make their patients feel like family.

"We want them to know that we're thinking about them," said Pat Ruopp.

"You want people to return, I mean you want them to come back you can't take anyone for granted," said Janet Ruopp.

They'll send a card for a birthday, give a complimentary teeth whitening for a patient's wedding, and hand out a gas card if someone waited too long for their appointment.

"People like to feel good about themselves that's why it's important to try to keep in mind those individual things about people," said Pat Ruopp.

"I know when I go somewhere that's service oriented, that I like that I'm not just a number," said Janet Ruopp.

"To let them know we're thinking about them, and we care about them and their time, because their time is valuable too," said Pat Ruopp.

"If I can send them a card when they're going through a tough time, or maybe send them a card as a celebration, like with a birthday, a special birthday, special anniversary, something like that then they'll realize oh they really do care," said Janet Ruopp.

Claire Bruce is the owner of Sloan and Themis jewelry shop in downtown Cape Girardeau.

"My most loyal customers, they make me feel extraordinary, because they allow me to keep my doors open, and really giving them that level of appreciation is needed," said Bruce.

She said she'll host private events, send a note, or Tweet at her loyal customers.

"It just builds better customer care, because people know that you took the time out of your day, and you're not just someone there you know thanking them for their money but letting them know you really appreciated they came into the store," said Bruce.

She said it's important for each customer to have a pleasant experience. She'll help a husband pick out something for his wife, or special order a piece in for a customer.

"With a small little company like this, you can't afford for people to have anything less than exceptional experience," said Bruce.

Jessica Haws is a stylist at Concepts Salon in Cape Girardeau. She said she writes notes to her customers to thank them for their service.

"I think those little notes just mean so much and I just want to let my guests know, how much I appreciate them, and I think taking the time out to do that is very important," said Haws. "We love to send thank you cards, especially when they send in our friends and family to us."

She said it's important to create a relationship with the customers.

"Personal service is very important to us in a small business setting because each person that comes in to our salon as a guest really matters to us," said Haws.

The special touch can add up in cost and time, but the business owners said they hope it pays off.

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