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Heartland couple returns memento to man who lost everything in storm

Randy and Linda Wilkinson of Cape Girardeau took their honeymoon in the Bahamas.

"It was great, the weather was great," said Randy Wilkinson.

They went to the beach to soak up sun, and puck up shells, when they noticed a unique shell.

"When I reached down to pick it up, I could see the gold part on the ring, I don't what type, but we've got a ring," said Wilkinson. "It was encrusted with shells, little pieces of coral, and barnacles."

The couple brought the ring back to the Heartland, and took it to Zickfields Jeweler in Cape Girardeau to get it cleaned.

The ring said Wagner College, 1976. The name: Robert DeVincenzi.

But university officials had a difficult time getting a hold of him, because DeVincenzi lives in New York, and had just lost everything in Hurricane Sandy.

"I have 12 feet of water in my house, and I lost everything, and two weeks later I get a call from Wagner College, someone found my ring," said DeVincenzi.

DeVincenzi graduated from Wagner College in 1976, and took a trip the following year to the Bahamas.

"I must have been so upset that I lost my ring, that that's the only thing everybody remembers," said DeVincenzi.

On 12-12-12, Wagner College officials reunited DeVincenzi with his ring. All thanks to the couple from the Heartland.

"The ring was sticking out of the box, and it was on a round table, and when I walked in they started taking pictures, and I just started, is this the ring, oh my god, I'm getting the chills now, my legs were shaking, it's amazing, I haven't seen it in 35 years, it's just amazing," said DeVincenzi.

"He said if you would have told me a couple years ago that you found my ring, I would have been happy, but with hurricane sandy, and losing everything that I've got, it's the best thing in the world to me," said Wilkinson.

"I'm speechless, I really am, I just keep looking at the ring, I have it on a chain around my neck," said DeVincenzi.

The Wilkinsons say they never thought twice about what to do with the ring.

"Immediately, it was this is somebody's ring, we've got to find it, you know we've got to find the owner," said Wilkinson.

"It's just amazing, what a wonderful couple you have in Missouri that would take this ring back, take it to a jeweler, try to clean it up," said DeVincenzi.

The three plan to meet up next year when the Wilkinsons travel to New York.

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