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Indulge your creative side with alternative Christmas trees

(RNN) - Christmas is days away, and you are not ready. You aren't done shopping, your boss piled up the paperwork on you, you hate cooking and you're ready to fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-lose it.

You haven't even had time to put up a Christmas tree. Well, good news!

Many families are in this predicament. There's still time to finish that last minute shopping and choosing an "alternative" tree can help dodge stress and save time.

You don't want to go up to the creepy attic and grab the fake tree from last year. You could go the Griswold route and chop one down ... although that didn't work out too well for Clark, did it?

Creating an alternative tree can get your family's holiday creative juices flowing by requiring everyone to think outside the box.

Most of the items needed to make one can be found around the house. Here are a few suggestions:

The book Christmas tree

One of the most popular alternatives is made up of stacks of books shaped like a Christmas tree and decorated with holiday lights. This particular "tree" is especially popular with libraries.

Does not work with e-books.

The sticky notes Christmas tree

Exactly what it sounds like, sticky notes in the shape of a tree and posted on a wall. It can be decorated with different colors of notes, and the kids can write on the wall, which is always fun.

The branch Christmas tree

Take a small branch, spray paint it white and decorate with ornaments. When you're done, it may remind you of the old Charlie Brown special.

Then get that cousin to try to kick a football you're holding and pull it away at the last second. It's still funny after all these years.

The holiday light Christmas tree

Arrange Christmas lights in the shape of a tree on the family room wall. Or not. Try it upside down, mix it up a little!

Hanging small ornaments could make it more fun. Add a few pine tree air fresheners, and no one will know the difference.

The ornament Christmas tree

Arrange your favorite ornaments in the shape of a Christmas tree on a wall. Thumbtacks and ornaments is all you'll need.

The pinecone Christmas tree

Get a poster board and gather some pinecones. Glue the poster board into a cone shape. Then glue the pinecones on the poster board, and the Christmas tree effect will take place.

Spray paint with glitter or white paint for decoration. Just do it outside, or you won't need egg nog to get a buzz.

The log Christmas tree

If you have firewood handy, the log tree would is another idea. Use the longest log as the tree's base and build up going from biggest to smallest until you have the shape of a tree.

Place a star or a bow on top for decoration. Remember: Lights are OK, lighting it on fire isn't.

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