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7-year-old victim of bullying speaks out


"Shaming" is one of the newest forms of bullying to hit social media and Internet sites.

It takes form of harsh criticisms of victims using a series of pictures posted on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Bullying has existed in some form or another for a very long time, but it can have very real consequences for the victim.

It's those stories the victim's stories that we don't often get to hear. But one victim is speaking out and she's only seven.

"They really bully me to try to make me feel bad," said Mariyah Hancock.

Hancock is seven years old, in the second grade, and already sees the harsh ways of the world first hand.

"They make fun of my weight, and my clothes like they're pajamas," said Hancock.

She said it's not just the mean comments.

"My class cut up my Tinkerbell shirt, now it has a big hole in it," said Hancock.

Hancock said she talks to her school's guidance counselor and her mom.

"After school I always tell her," said Hancock.

"It really upsets me, and honestly I wish I could be there to protect her, but I can't be there all day long," said Maranda Skudlerczyk.

Skudlerczyk tries to make it better for her daughter, but feels as though she's already done everything she can.

"I have tried everything, I tell her that she is beautiful in my eyes, and God made her the way she is because she's special," said Skudlerczyk.

"I try to tell them stop but they won't stop, they always push me down," said Hancock.

Skudlerczyk said she's reached out to her daughter's school and district administrators to try to get something done to end the bullying.

"My daughter is a great person and when she goes to school they just down her so bad that she comes home, her grades are dropping, I can see a difference in her, and when she has a good day and comes home, I can really tell, but when it's a bad day of bullying and this and that she's really not my Mariyah," said Skudlerczyk.

"It's really hard for me to take all that bullying, when they push me and make me sad and feel bad, it's really mean," said Hancock.

Therapists at Bootheel Counseling Services gave a few tips.

If your child is being bullied…

1. Talk with your child. Discuss how being bullied is not the victim's fault and that he/she does not have to face it alone.

2. Collect as much information as possible about the situation.

3. Discuss proper ways of responding to bullies.

4. Teach your child to not react, but be assertive and walk away or get help if needed.

5. Tell your child to report bullying immediately to a trusted adult.

6. Contact the school, teacher or counselor.

If you think your child is a bully…

1. Explain that bulling is NOT acceptable.

2. Talk about the penalties for bullying and be sure to enforce them fairly and consistently.

3. Discuss alternative ways to deal with anger and frustration.

4. Work out a way for your child to make amends for the bullying.

5. Help develop an understanding of the impact of bullying.

6. Seek help/professional counseling if the behavior continues.

7. Stay calm if the school calls- avoid being angry and defensive. Make yourself really listen. This is ultimately about the well-being of your child.

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