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Heavy rains cause problems for drivers on roads overnight

Perry County, MO (Source: cNews) Perry County, MO (Source: cNews)
Stoddard county hwy K near hwy BB (Source: Photojournalist Mike Mohundro) Stoddard county hwy K near hwy BB (Source: Photojournalist Mike Mohundro)
Storm damage in Livingston County, KY (Source: Viewer submitted) Storm damage in Livingston County, KY (Source: Viewer submitted)
Stoddard County - Route BB near Route C (Source: Photojournalist Mike Mohundro) Stoddard County - Route BB near Route C (Source: Photojournalist Mike Mohundro)
Stoddard County RD 217 near CR 214 (Source: Photojournalist Mike Mohundro) Stoddard County RD 217 near CR 214 (Source: Photojournalist Mike Mohundro)
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Heavy rains caused problems on Heartland roadways overnight Saturday into Sunday.

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, their 13 counties in southeast Missouri reported widespread flash flooding on secondary roads.

Most of those roads have been known to flood in the past.

Among the most notable overnight:

In Scott County US 61 one mile south of Sikeston flooded. Dispatchers say barricades were put up to warn drivers of the danger there.

In Butler County, troopers were reporting water over the roadway on Highway 53 in Qulin

Road flooding causing problems in Stoddard County as well. Overnight there were reports of water over the pavement on Highway 51 at County Road 279.

According to the Perry County Sheriff's Office, around 8 p.m. Saturday an elderly man had driven into water over the road on Highway T, just west of PCR 702, and his vehicle had drowned out.  The man was not injured.

And, around 10:38 p.m. the sheriff's office received a call that a Perry County Road and Bridge Dept. was vehicle sent to deal with the debris had been washed off County Road 616 with the driver still inside.  At approximately 10:47 p.m., a deputy arrived and found the driver already out of the vehicle and on the other side of the creek.  The man received minor injuries and was taken to Perry County Memorial Hospital for hypothermia.

[NWS Survey: EF-2 tornado destroyed church in Livingston County]

Water over the roadway also caused lots of problems in western Kentucky.

Check out this cNews picture sent in anonymously from Paducah, this little car is underwater and appears to be stuck.

That is why Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials warn drivers not to drive through standing water.

KTC officials say overnight, water covered many roads especially in Livingston County creating extremely dangerous driving conditions.

US 60 has since reopened to traffic between the 16 and 17-mile marker near Dyer Hill Mine Road. For a time, there was as much as two feet of water on the pavement and that road was closed.

We are told at least one motorist had to be rescued after driving into water overnight. 

Keep in mind-it only takes 6 inches of moving water to push a vehicle off the roadway.

If you want to check the roads on your route before you leave the house, these numbers might be able to help:

-In Missouri, you can call 888-275-6636 for the latest from MoDOT.

-The number for conditions in Illinois is 800-452-4368.

-In Kentucky, the number to check on roads is 866-737-3767.

The following storm reports are from the National Weather Service in Paducah and other official sources:


4:58pm-Ky. 123 is closed from the 14 - 16 mile marker in Hickman Co. Due to water over road.  This is in the Howell community.
KY 902 in Crittenden County is open at the 5mm.  KY 855 remains closed.

1:16-The sheriff's office says the following roads are closed in Calloway County due to high water levels: Gibbs Store Rd., Martin Chapel Rd., Sunset Dr., Tobacco Rd. and Old Salem Rd.

12:30pm-McCracken County closed roads: KY 1255/Bonds Road from 0 to 2 mile marker and
KY 1565 from 5 to 6 mile marker.

10:49am-KY 94 is closed south of Hickman in Fulton County, KY due to floodwaters.  This is on KY 94 at the 9 mile marker between KY 311 and the area known as The Dip.

KY 94 has Water Over Road signs up near the 23 mile marker.  This is in the Willingham Bottom area near the intersection with KY 781.

9:25am-Crittenden County, KY reports the following highways are closed due to high water:
KY 855 at the 5 mile marker and KY 902 at the 5 mile marker.

9:00am-KY 1943 is closed due to floodwaters at mile point 3.4 in Lyon County, KY.  This is on KY 1943 at the Skin Frame Creek Bridge. Barricades have been erected at the site. Floodwaters at this site generally recede in 4 to 5 hours.

The Lyon County Highway Crew reports scattered minor flooding of roadways at various locations, mainly due to debris clogging drainage structures.  They are responding to those areas and clearing debris as quickly as possible.

8:41am-Floodwaters have dropped along KY 80 at the 2.5 mile point in Carlisle County allowing it to reopen.

This on KY 80 in the Arlington West End Area between Arlington and Columbus. US 62 is closed at the 4 mile marker.

Highway personnel continue to monitor roadways for flooding in Carlisle County.

11:31am-Madison County, MO has flooded road issues according to sheriff's office.

9:42am-Flash flooding occurring across the southern portion of Calloway County, KY. Trained spotter reported flooding across Gibbs Store Road and Brandon Road making both impassable. Both roads are located between Murray And Hazel.

9:00am- 4 inches of rain in 24-hours in Ellsinore, MO.

8:00am-4.9 inches of rain in 24-hours, 2 miles from Junction, IL.

7:00am-3.34 inches of rain in 24-hours in Dielstadt, MO.

6:18am-4.68 inches of rain in 24-hours at Paducah, KY.

1:20am-Water over the road at the intersection of Houser and Old Mayfield Rd. in Paducah, KY.


1:40pm-Grain Bin damaged in Clinton, KY.

According to the KY Transportation Cabinet, US 51 has reopened to traffic between the 6 & 7 mile marker in Hickman County, KY.

Drivers should slow down and use extra caution at this site at the south edge of Clinton, KY due to emergency response personnel in the area.

According to Scott Smith with the Hickman County Office of Emergency Management, the grain bin contained 575,000 Bushels of corn.  Clean-up will likely continue into Sunday and possibly beyond. 

KYTC crews are on-site assisting police and emergency management with setting up a detour and dealing with the spilled grain. 

2:30pm-Heavy rainfall recorded at Paducah, KY-1.40 inches in 40 minutes.

2:44pm-Flash flooding occurring along Old Cairo Road in Paducah, KY. Creeks and ditches are out of their banks with rapid running water over the road.

2:45pm-Large tree limbs down across portions of south end of Paducah, KY. One home had some shingles blown off.

2:46pm-Intersection of 31st and Old Mayfield Road in Paducah closed due to flooding.

2:47pm-Maxon Road in Paducah, KY flooded. Deep running water across roadway.

3:18pm-Brick Church in Hampton, KY (Livingston County) completely flattened.

4:02pm-Funnel cloud reported in Union County, KY.

4:28pm-KY 80 is CLOSED at the 2.5 mile point in Carlisle County, KY.  This is between Arlington and Columbus in what is commonly called the Arlington West End Area.

The roadway is marked for high water and closed at this time.  Motorists should seek an alternate route.

There's no duration estimate on this closure. The KYTC Carlisle County Crew is checking reports of water over the road at additional locations.

5:44pm-KY1628 is closed between the 3 and 4 mile marker.

8:00pm-Ditches full and water running over county Road 900 North, 3 miles west of Fairfield, IL.

8:17pm-Water over the roads in Poplar Bluff, MO.

8:51pm-Streams and creeks at bankful in Doniphan, MO.

8:57pm-Ditches full, water over the roads in Cutler, MO.

9:49pm-Water over IL 15 in Waltonville, IL.

10:01pm-Objects blown over in Crossville, IL.

10:06pm-50-55mph winds reported in White County, IL.

11:02pm-Andy's Creek over portion of Route 14 near Christopher, IL.

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