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Plan to further limit the amount of pseudoephedrine you can buy


It's no secret; pseudoephedrine is a hot item for illegal drug makers wanting to produce meth.

Right now, stores in Missouri keep track of how much of medicines containing pseudoephedrine each person buys.

Customers can only purchase 9 grams every 30 days.

But not everyone thinks that's enough to stop the illegal drug makers.

"That in itself hasn't really restricted the flow of pseudoephedrine," said Kevin Glaser, a SEMO Drug Task Force officer.

Lawmakers don't think so either.

House Republican Stanley Cox introduced legislation that would limit the amount to 7.5 grams a month, and 60 grams a year.

"I think generally it's not going to do much good," said Glaser. "Just reducing those limits down, it really won't make any difference."

Cox said the proposed plan would be an alternative to requiring prescriptions for all pseudoephedrine products state wide. But Glaser said the prescription requirements are what work.

"It doesn't make any difference in how much they reduce the grams per individual, the people are going to find ways to get around that, and they're just going to go out and recruit more help, to make those purchases, so they can still make their methamphetamine," said Glaser.

Glaser said Southeast Missouri that have passed a prescription only ordinance, have seen a 56 percent reduction in meth labs.

"That's huge, that's a big positive step," said Glaser.

He said a state wide prescription only legislation would help some of the current loopholes.

"We still have some other issues, you can drive to other parts of Missouri, to pick up the pseudoephedrine, you can cross the Mississippi river," said Glaser.

Sometimes drug makers don't even need to travel to find enough pseudoephedrine to make meth.

"With the one pot manufacturing method, you only need a couple grams, you don't even need the 7 that they're trying to reduce it to, you can buy a single packet and make methamphetamine," said Glaser.

The proposed bill would require a prescription from felons convicted on drug charges to get pseudoephedrine.

If you use pseudoephedrine for legal medical purposes, Glaser said a new product on the market might help. He said it contains pseudoephedrine, but can't be broken down to make meth. He hopes it could be exempt from a state wide prescription only ordinance, to help people still fight colds and allergies over the counter.

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