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By: Amy Jacquin

Those of us who own dogs or cats know hair is just a part of your life. You keep a lint brush in every room, and the car, and just hope company understands! But makers of a new product called Shed-X claim to eliminate excessive shedding.

"Fur just flies everywhere, all the time," says Holly Brantley. The Cape Girardeau woman loves her dog "potter," but she doesn't love the hair he leaves behind!"See, you just drop it and it flies!" Holly says as she drops a couch cushion and hair fluffs up into the air.

Next she pulls out a clean tee-shirt, with many dog hairs sticking to it. "These are what shirts or pants or anything typically look like! Covered in dog hair.But a $10 bottle of Shed-X is supposed to help eliminate the excessive shedding in as little as four weeks... Plus makers promise it's packed with nutrition, and is all natural."I couldn't give him anything that made him sick," Holly adds, but feels better after reading the ingredients.

Holly simply adds the right amount to Potter's food. His size means he needs a couple of teaspoons a day.  "It kind of smells like dog food," she describes.

Now for the big test, will Potter wolf it down, or turn up his nose? Even with an audience, her pampered pooch digs in! And this is the routine for four weeks.

But when we check back, Holly discouragingly reports Potter still sheds a lot of hair. "We were sitting outside yesterday, and I can just grab handfulls of hair off him," she says, shaking her head.

But Holly's parents say maybe you can feel a difference in his coat.  "I didn't notice it," she says. "But after a week or so, the first time he went over to my parent's house, they said his coat feels softer. He's still shedding, but his coat feels softer!"

However, Shed-X claims to eliminate excessive shedding... Not just be a doggie vitamin. So we say don't waste $10 a bottle... Shed-X earns a D-... For doggone disappointing!

By the way, Shed-X comes for cats, too. If you're still interested you can find them at PetCo.

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