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Technology helps bring pet dog home


A dog and owner were reunited after being a part for more than 8 months.

In the days of lost dog flyers posted in store windows and on neighborhood trees, the Askews might not have found their dog. But now, with technology, people can find a restaurant, find a date, and find their pet.

A Golden Lab named "Dallas" played at the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri Tuesday.

"In the beginning of July we came home and he was gone," said Rob Askew.

"It was sad, I was upset that, I mean it was my dog," said Ayanna Askew.

Rob Askew and his daughter Ayanna searched for their dog for months.

"It's been 8 months, over 8 months, he's been gone, so we'd kind of given up hope, you know you hate to say that, but it's been awhile," Rob Askew.

"It had been a really long time, since last year, last summer, so we didn't really know," said Ayanna Askew.

By the end of January 2013, Kelly Goff with the humane society said people began posting sightings of a yellow dog on the SEMO Lost Pet Facebook page.

"Someone was driving on Interstate-55 and saw a big yellow dog lying in the ditch, they stopped to try and help the dog, and the dog ran away," said Goff.

Volunteers found the dog trying to survive in a ditch along the highway.

Monday night police set a trap to capture the animal.

"The really remarkable part of the story though is the dog's micro chipped, the information is current, we were able to contact the owner and the poor dog has been missing since July," said Goff.

Goff said a vet can usually insert a microchip, about the size of a grain of rice between your dog's shoulder blades for less than $50 bucks.

But, Goff said it's important to keep the contact information up to date.

"It's surprising the number of times we do have animals come in chipped, but unfortunately it's a prior address or an old phone number and we have no way of getting in touch with them," said Goff.

Because of technology, a microchip and a lost dog Facebook page, the reunion between man and man's best friend was possible.

"This is great, this is really great, this is why we do what we do," said Goff.

"We were just overjoyed, so excited, I wanted to leave work and come out here right away," said Rob Askew.

"It was crazy, I was so happy, no words really," said Ayanna Askew.

You can see the Facebook page here, or text a picture of a lost pet to 573-275-7039.

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