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A 12-pack of Mountain Dew a day


After reports surfaced of a woman in New Zealand dying from a heart attack, but the coroner linking it to a soda addiction, people in the Heartland spoke out.

One woman told Heartland News, she was worried that could have been her.

"That was all I drank was Mountain Dew, from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed, I didn't drink water, I didn't drink juice, just strictly Mountain Dew," said Mandi Coonrod of Carbondale.

Coonrod said she would crave the sugary soda. So, she would have to drink a lot of Mountain Dew to fight those cravings.

"At least a 12 pack a day, sometimes more, but at least a 12 pack," said Coonrod.

But, all that liquid wasn't exactly keeping her hydrated or healthy.

"I wasn't sleeping at night, my heart was racing, and just weight gain, a lot of weight gain, so it was time to make some lifestyle changes," said Coonrod.

After ten years of downing a 12-pack a day, Coonrod said she decided to quit cold turkey.

"It was pretty rough, pretty rough," said Coondrod.

It was a move that was hard to swallow at first, but now, she said she couldn't be happier about.

"I have more energy, I'm sleeping at night, my blood pressure is down, so I feel a lot better, I've been working out and exercising more, I have more energy and I can actually run now, I couldn't before, so I feel a lot better," said Coonrod.

Even though it's been tough to only drink a low calorie soda here and there, Coonrod said she's glad she made a change to her drink of choice.

She said she looks at stories like the woman from New Zealand who died from drinking too much soda and is thankful she was able to get over what calls a "hard habit to kick.

"It's definitely a reality check and makes me glad I made the changes I did when I did," said Coonrod.

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