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Conceal Carry issue heats up on the House Floor


The clock is quickly ticking down to the day when gun owners in Illinois will be able to carry their weapons legally in the state.

But, before that day gets here there's still plenty to talk about regarding the legislative measure that will make conceal carry legal in Illinois.

And on Tuesday the talks are going to get long and heated over the issue.

The Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan has called for hearing on the 27 amendments being submitted to the bill, once it's drafted.

They range from restricting where a person can and can't carry a weapon, to anyone with a conceal carry permit to also carry a $1-million dollar liability policy.

"That seems a little bit extravagant," said Tim Moore of Lake of Egypt. "A million dollars for the average gun owner is a bit too much."

Other amendments being presented would also restrict a person from carrying a handgun until they have completed 20 hours of training in a classroom and a firing range. And there is one that is calling for anyone who wants to carry a concealed weapon to pass a psychological examination.

"I think they're adding too many restrictions," said Dan Vaughn of Cambria. "We're the only state without a conceal carry law. And I think it's absurd we don't have something. And I think they're just throwing things in to confuse the issue."

The full on debate on the house floor will give lawmakers a much clearer picture where everyone stands on the issue in the General Assembly.

"It's going to be interesting on Tuesday, I never thought I would see this day," said Illinois Representative Brandon Phelps-D 118th District. "Especially with the mind set in Cook County and Chicago. But they realize we have to pass a constitutional conceal carry bill."

And now legislators have until June 9th to draft and pass the new law.

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