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Grocery stores, hospitals stay open despite storm


KCTV5 crews that were out Tuesday found a mixture of stores and business that were open and plenty that were closed.

The McDonald's at 75th Street and Interstate 35 seems to always be open, but Tuesday it was closed down.

But, for some businesses, closing wasn't even considered.

It has been years in the making for the Hy-Vee at 95th Street and Antioch Road, and Tuesday was its big grand opening. Two nearby Hy-Vees were closed and all those employees, plus 150 additional employees, were brought to the new store.

Despite the weather, there was a steady stream of people coming in to check out the store, which includes a bar in a restaurant, so if people get tired of shopping, they can grab a drink and a bite to eat.

Also with so many places sold out of certain staples, the new store was fully stocked and some people weren't going to let the weather keep them away.

"They're not sold out, it's full, come, come, the roads are getting clearer," customer Mette Cook said. "It is not sold out, this is awesome, I'm going to spend a couple hours walking around here."

"It's one of those things that you're in anticipation with all the work and everything you put in, you're excited and want everyone to come and see it but, at the same time, what are you going to do? It is what it is and Mother Nature does what she wants," store director Russ Johnson said.

Johnny Brusco's New York Style Pizza, also at 95th and Antioch, was open Tuesday, and it was a big day for them.

Once a month, the last Tuesday of the month, they have a kosher night and it includes a lot of preparation. A rabbi comes in to help switch the kitchen to make everything kosher. A blowtorch is used in the sink and the stones in the oven are flipped.

It takes a few days to get ready for their kosher night and the owner, David Hall, said snow or no snow, his kosher customers will be here.

"It'll be a nice night for us, yeah, I think we'll do a nice little business tonight," Hall said. "The roads are great. The crews have done a great job opening everything up."

KCTV5's Jeanene Kiesling called around to other businesses and most places said they plan on being open Wednesday, but they recommend that people call first just to be safe.

Hospital workers also had to work Tuesday.

At Shawnee Mission Medical Center, a lot of people stepped up to help serve in other roles. Eighty percent of the staff made it to work and the remaining 20 percent are considered non-essential and stayed home.

The dedicated workers in the hospital's kitchen kept everyone inside fed. Besides doctors and nurses, many with the hospital's kitchen staff slept on cots and in extra hospital beds to ensure they'd be ready for the breakfast shift.

Theresa Wehrley is a dietician who normally spends her day counseling patients on specialized meal plans, but Tuesday she helped out in the kitchen between patient rounds.

Wehrley spent the night at the hospital and will do it again, just to pitch in where she can.

"Our patients don't have a choice to go home. They're here because they're ill and need our help and they need our care. I can't take them home with me, so I needed to be here to see them," she said. "We helped stock gallies and we helped make pizza boxes because the hospital made pizzas for the employees, whatever needs to be done."

Human resources and printing workers also pitched in on the tray line inside the cafeteria. Many of them will also be sleeping again at the hospital to help out on the early shifts while others dig their way back to work.

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