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The Chillow

Does it Work Wednesday

The Chillow
By: Amy Jacquin

Suffering with night sweats? A sun burn? The Chillow is supposed to provide an instant and consistent feeling of coolness.

"Have you hear of the Chillow before?" Amy Jacquin asks Phyllis Cook, a Marble Hill resident volunteering to help test the Chillow.

Makers of the $20 Chillow promise it's always cool to the touch...

"I'm eager to try it, I know that!" laughs Phyllis. "I really have bad hot sweats. I had a hysterectomy four months ago, and I'm experiencing really bad hot sweats at night, and it's causing me not to sleep. I can't sleep."

The thin, foam-filled Chillow resembles a seat cushion. And all it requires is tap water to turn your thermometer down! The water absorbs and dissipates heat back into the air, producing a cooling effect.

"You have to put ten cups of water in," Phyllis reads directions. "That's what it says."

So Phyllis carefully adds the water, which is actually pretty easy to do.

"You wait three minutes to allow the water to soak the inner core," she continues reading.

Directions say to press out the extra air, seal, and let it sit for two hours. You may occasionally have to repeat these steps, to give the Chillow a chilling boost. Phyllis puts the Chillow on her pillow... Where it's ready for her first test.

"I can't wait to check back in with you Monday," Amy says. "Me, too! I hope it works!"

Phyllis tests the Chillow Friday, Saturday and Sunday... And we meet her again Monday morning.

"I think it did real well!" she says excitedly. Phyllis says it actually made her ears cold! "I slipped it inside my pillow and did not wake up all night. Usually I wake-up sweating. It was cool. The only thing I didn't like about it was it's not soft enough."

"You can get used to it, sure you can. It's not THAT hard... I'm just used to a really soft pillow.I put one beside me, and it kept my body cool all night. It does work!"

"Were you worried about it leaking?" Amy asks. "Yes, I was," Phyllis answers. "But it does not leak."

Phyllis also used it under her legs and behind her back while watching television... And even at work at Elder Care of Marble Hill. And she's continually impressed with the $20 Chillow.

"I'd give it an A," she says emphatically.

We, too, agree it stays remarkable cool without being too cold. So an A it is!

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