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5/6/13 - Road Construction

I don't know about you, but I truly love springtime. It is nice to see the colors of the trees and flowers as Mother Nature shakes off the gloominess of winter and shows off her best dress. However, one irritating color that always seems to show up when we start the spring warm-up ranks at the bottom of my favorites list. It's orange-specifically, highway construction orange.

Every spring we see thousands of orange barrels seemingly burst out of highways like blooms on a Bradford Pear. In this "me first" age many folks, me included, find those orange barrels to be a pain in the neck. They get in the way. They cause delays. They make us slow our already hectic pace. And you know what folks? That's just what they are supposed to do.

When you encounter those annoying orange barrels, and you undoubtedly will, think about the folks on the other side of them who are working for a living. These are mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, that have nothing between them and your car speeding down the highway, except a plastic orange barrel. It's dangerous work. Work that, when completed, will make our lives easier by providing better roads to travel. Let's all give these folks a break and slow it down.

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