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Shootings have Murfreesboro neighborhood on edge


A Murfreesboro neighborhood is on edge after a series of shootings. The most recent incident involved a 72-year-old man who said he felt like he was dodging bullets.

"It could have gotten anyone around this area," said William Baughter.

One minute, Baughter was on his own front porch, listening to his radio. The next, he said he was ducking for cover, not even sure what was happening.

"I heard a bunch of shots like a machine gun - I guess about 12 or 14 shots. While they were shooting, I was scooting down in the chair. I scooted way down as far as I can get," he said.

Bullet holes all over his house show how close he came to injury or death, but the shootings are unfortunately nothing new for the neighborhood.

"There's been about four of them in the last couple of three weeks," Baughter said.

Carl Marable, with Second Chance Ministries, grew up in the neighborhood and said that over the past decade hoodlums have taken over.

"It's pretty much the same group of guys. If one leaves, another rises up and they come over repeating the same old history," Marable said.

Second Chance Ministries hosts regular events to keep the community together.

"We try to bring people together, feed them, set up a place for the kids to play and have gospel singing - bring positive events back into this neighborhood," Marable said.

Marable said the only way to stop the bullets is for parents to get more involved with their children.

"I pray that the parents will stand up against their children and whip their children and identify their children as one of the ones that are doing the stuff," he said.

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