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5/13/13 - Younger Generation

It is very easy to find yourself scratching your head and pondering, "what is wrong with these kids today?" They listen to music that you can't understand, they wear their skirts too short, and let their pants sag too low. They like piercing, and tattooing, and well, they're just different. Or are they?

You see, each generation seems to have its own style. I know my parents didn't understand me when I was a teenager and I'm pretty sure that your parents scratched their heads trying to figure you out then as well. If you can see past the obvious things that define this generation of young folks, you might see something that gives you hope that they are going to turn out just fine.

A Story we covered earlier this month did just that.

East Prairie Seniors Cancel Class Trip, Give Cash to Charity
--MAY 1, 2013

At East Prairie High School, the senior class decided to forego a senior trip, and do something more worthwhile with the thousands of dollars they had raised. They gave it to charity. Three charities to be exact. Organizations that had helped, and will continue to help, young people in their community.

While it is easy for us older folks to focus on all the things about this generation that we don't understand, it is reassuring to know that there are great young people out there, like the ones in East Prairie. And you know...they are going to be just fine.

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