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5/17/13 - Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month. There are many folks in the Heartland that live life with either a mental or physical impairment. Many face an uphill battle each day just to function in society.

Have you ever given yourself a grade on how you treat these folks when you see them in public? If you're like most you might find it more comfortable to look, or walk the other way when you see them. I'm not really sure why we're that way because most everyone I've come in contact with who is mentally challenged is warm, loving and enthusiastic. It might be because we're really just not sure what to do.

Knowing what we know about these folks can you imagine the reaction you'll get if you treat them different than everyone else does? The next time you see someone who is mentally or physically challenged remember the acronym SEG. S-E-G. First, give them a Smile. Then look them in the Eye and finally offer a warm Greeting. The reaction you get may have an even bigger impact on your day than theirs.

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