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Sikeston students to use iPads instead of books next school year


New technology brings a new era in learning for students in Sikeston.

Next year, every Sikeston High School student will use an iPad instead of books.

They call it project iLearn.

In fact, Lucas Williams already can’t wait until school starts in August. He said every student in his senior class is excited to use the iPads in class and at home.

“It will help them really learn and be interested in how they are learning concepts,” he said.

“It will be their iPad for the year they will get to take it home,” said Technology Coordinator Michelle Gilmer.

Gilmer said this will transform classrooms and learning.

“Every teacher will have an iPad so that they’ll be able to teach from that,” she said.

They are working to bring the technology to the entire district by the start of the 2014 school year. Initially they applied grant money to fund the iPads. However, when they didn’t get it, the school board stepped up with the money.

“They approved it just last week because they feel this is as important as we do. That’s big. I think every school wants it but our school board has supported us and said they’d make it happen,” Gilmer said.

Administrators say they actually started preparing for the possible transformation at the beginning of this school year. There will be lots of training to make sure everyone is ready.

“My role in this is to empower out teachers an make sure they have all the tools they need to implement this into their classrooms,” said Shannon Holifield, Academic Principal. “This really will totally change the face of class instruction here.”

A team called the Help Desk will also be ready to assist. It includes students with extra training for classmates and teachers.

Williams will serve on the Help Desk, along with Jacob Johnson.

“We can help teachers if they need it and spend time in their classroom and help students as well,” Johnson said. “It will be good that we are all learning together.”

For more information about the iPad initiative, you can click here to visit the school’s website.

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