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YourTurn - 6/7/13

This week we hear from Linda Bollinger who writes:

"On December 14th, my daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons got up, did their normal morning routine getting ready for the day. Son-in-law went to work, oldest grandson went to middle school, and daughter walked youngest grandson down the street, out of the cul de sac to the corner bus stop where she stood around talking to other parents while the kids played waiting for the bus.

That was the end of normal. A little later I received a phone call at work from a woman I did not know saying, 'there's been a shooting at Ryan's school,. I said, 'WHAT!'. The voice on the phone came down a degree and repeated and I realized it was my daughter. The rest of the day was shear terror even when I knew he was safe and my daughter and son-in-law were home with my grandsons. Lots and lots of tears from thousands of people that day and even now.

Are we still praying for the students at Sandy Hook Elementary? Are we still praying for the families of those 20 lost babies who went to first grade that Friday morning just like they had done for months before? Are we still praying for the families of the four teachers, one principal, and one psychologist who went to work as usual that morning? Can we pray for the teachers who gave up their Christmas vacation to work 24/7 for weeks to turn Chalk Hill School into a new Sandy Hook Elementary? And all the hundreds of volunteers who worked alongside them to make a closed school into a working elementary school?


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