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Proposed Univ. of Alabama tuition hike could generate $15 million

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

Students may be paying more for tuition at the University of Alabama next year.

If the proposed tuition increase is approved in state students are looking at paying $4,700 per semester and out of state students are looking at close to $12,000 per semester. For the latter group, that's nearly $100,000 for a four-year undergraduate degree.

Friday, the University of Alabama Board of Trustees will decide whether or not to raise the tuition rates here at the university. If the increase is approved the university will have an additional $15 million per year to work with. And while that may be great for the university, students like Angelica Brown wonder what that's going to mean for her.

Like many students, Brown has financial aid in addition to her scholarships. The thought of her tuition going up nearly $2,000 more has her concerned.

"Because of so many people who need financial aid and not enough to give to everyone, I probably won't have enough to continue my undergrad," she said.

Alexa Chastine is finishing up her graduate degree. She'll be fine but she's worried about her sister who has three years left.

"I understand that the university needs more money to maintain what we have going on. I really support a tuition freeze. What you come in at is what you keep paying through your four years," she said.

Obviously students are concerned. The board will vote on this Friday morning.

It's believed UAB will be asking for an tuition increase as well, but school officials will not confirm that to FOX6 News at this time.

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