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Jackson fiery crash victim on road to recovery


After a severe crash in Jackson at the end of last year, one of the victims had a long road to recovery.

He told Heartland News about that experience.

Cars and trucks drive through a Jackson intersection as normal, a much different scene from August 2012.

"By the time I got there, the van and the truck were just engulfed in flames just big ole black clouds of smoke," said bystander Brian Thompson in his interview with Heartland News the day of the crash.

On that day a red pickup truck went out of control, crashing into several cars before finally running into the county courthouse.

Authorities ruled out that the driver was impaired and instead believe it was a medical condition.

"I tried to get a little closer to it, the heat of course was putting out people were screaming if people were inside, we didn't know if there were people inside or not,” said Thompson.

Burt Hahs was the man in that crash.

"I don't remember much about the day, I don't remember any of the wreck," said Hahs.

Hahs fractured two vertebrae and suffered second and third degree burns. His road to recovery was long and difficult.

"I lost every bit of muscle, you know I had to learn to walk again," said Hahs.

He worked with therapists for 10 months to gain strength and stretch his healing skin. He still wears these protective sleeves and long pants to help the skin heal, something that can be quite hot in the summer.

"I'm getting better every day, and I'm ready to get back to normal life again," said Hahs.

A normal life that comes back with each step. Now he’s returned to work at Siemers Best Brands Plus in Jackson, not far from the place of the crash.

"Being back to work is actually great, I never thought I'd miss it like I have," said Hahs.

Hahs said he will continue to work to get stronger and hopes to get out of the protective garments as soon as possible.

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