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Baby delivered after 911 dispatchers assist over phone


It started with one patient, and ended up being two as dispatchers talked a mother and father through the birth of their child.

"It was weird," Hazel Burrage said. "I've never done that before."

Hazel Burrage is a proud mother of three after giving birth to the newest addition to the family, Hunter Cage.

"It was pretty quick," Burrage said. "It was the quickest birth I've had with my three sons."

But there was something else that set this quick delivery apart from the others.

"Well I started in EMS in 1992 so this is my 21st year," Jerry Caldwell with the Stoddard County Ambulance District said. "This is the first baby delivery. I've had a lot of close calls but this was the first one."

Jerry Caldwell says the plan was to go to Sikeston but after a few minutes, he had to resort to plan b.

"After we had stopped, my partner and my got back to help me I heard someone knocking on the back door and it was the baby's dad," Caldwell said. "I motioned for him to open the door and held out the baby and said here is your son. You couldn't explain the smile on his face."

"I missed the birth but it was on the side of the road," Joseph Davis, the father, said. "Can't ask for much more that."

Joseph Davis is the one who actually made the call to 911.  

"This was a first for me also," Sharon Howard said. "I've been here for about two and a half years. It's not usual that you get bringing life into the world so it's pretty amazing when you get calls like these."

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